Affordable Home Irrigation System Services in Rochester, MI

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Techseven Company is Rochester's leader in commercial irrigation, providing irrigation systems, irrigation planning and design, as well as routine service. We are a local irrigation contractor with years of experience. Our certified irrigation designers and project managers implement water efficient systems that fit your landscapes.

Techseven uses quality parts from leading manufacturers and proven installation practices to ensure your satisfaction and budget requirements. At Techseven Company, quality is our standard. We pay attention to the small details, and take great pride in each and every project.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Certified
  • Lighting consultations for homes and businesses
  • Assessment for new and returning customers
  • Licensed, insured and certified contractors
  • Remote systems with top of the line smart systems (Wifi accessibility)

Our Commercial Work is the Best in Town!

Techseven Company works closely with the landscape architects, general contractors, project managers and project developers to determine the most economical or desirable water source, type of water application, irrigation materials and installation methods. We assist commercial clients with installation, maintenance and training on the system. We are with you every step of the way and make sure your system conforms to the construction documents.

Irrigation Services for Businesses & Facilities in the Rochester Area

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When it comes to maintaining healthy flowers, shrubs and other landscaping elements for office parks, municipalities, sports fields and homes, it's wise to protect your investment with proper irrigation. Our experienced team at Techseven Company customizes and designs smart irrigation systems for your business. Techseven Company is an industry leader in irrigation, specializing in large-scale irrigation master planning and design, installation and maintenance. We provide affordable solutions for complex applications and solve complicated problems.

Smart Irrigation Systems Make Irrigation Management Simpler

Our systems provide optimal water levels to keep your landscapes in great condition. We provide repairs, maintenance, and installation or can make updates to your existing infrastructure. If you're looking for the right partner, we design monitoring packages for custom irrigation systems. Your lawn will appreciate the right amount of water when it's needed!

Year-Round Maintenance & Repair Service

No matter the issue, we will confirm whether the system is under warranty, and provide a detailed estimate before work begins.

Spring Start-up:

We will do the following for your system:

  • Reseal drain valves/plugs
  • Open shut-off valves and fill the main line
  • Check the entire main line for leaks and damage
  • Check each zone and adjust heads for proper coverage
  • Change and adjust the rain sensor
  • Re-set the control timer for required settings for the Spring season

Mid-Season Inspection:

Offered as a Single Midseason visit or our Green Plan option (July, August, September)

We will do the following for your system:

  • Main line and lateral lines inspected for leaks
  • Check appearance and health of lawn and shrubs
  • Check individual zones and adjust heads as needed for proper operation and coverage
  • Check and adjust the automatic rain sensor for proper operation
  • Re-set the control timer for required settings based on weather


We will do the following for your system:

  • Turn off or switch control timers to idle
  • Fill entire system and components with compressed air to flush out all water
  • Open all drain valves and drain plugs
  • Inspect system for potential Spring repairs

Whether you're installing a new sprinkler in your home, need a complete irrigation replacement for a soccer field or want to illuminate your business with landscape lights, contact us today for an assessment!