Licensed Solutions for Pond Fountains in Warren MI

Aquatic Enhancements: Pond Fountain & Pump Installation & Service For Your Yard

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What better way to provide the finishing touch than by including a fountain? Techseven Company installs fountains for homes all over Southeast Michigan, and sets up the pond pumps to get them running smoothly. We specialize in fountains that clean the pond while creating a beautiful stream of water that you, your family, and your guests will all appreciate. When properly designed and installed, pond fixtures transform the look and feel of your property's exterior. It's the difference between a property that looks "all right", and one that looks spectacular. Add elegance and sophistication to our landscape with Techseven Company!

The Benefits of Having a Pond or Lake Fountain

Most people think of fountains as decorative pieces, adding beauty to your pond or lake without having any material effect on it. The benefits of pond fountains extend far beyond the aesthetic to include:

  • Cleaner Water- By filtering the pond, fountains stop the growth of algae and improve the overall water quality. Even if you don't have fish, filtering out the algae makes your pond clean and clear, adding beauty and sophistication to your yard.
  • Less Odor- By getting rid of algae, pond fountains improve not just the appearance of your pond, but also the smell. This is no small matter if you or your loved ones have respiratory issues.
  • Fewer Pests & Diseases- If you don't filter your pond, it'll be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially during Michigan's summers.

By installing your fountain in a strategic section of your pond, Techseven maximizes these benefits. You can rest easy while enjoying the beauty of the water.

Popular Styles of Pond Fountains

You have many options to customize your fountains for beauty and sophistication. You can experiment with:

  • Stream Patterns- Our fountains allow you to break the water into any number of streams.
  • Spray Height- Besides the number of streams, we let you choose how high those streams go before they fall back to earth.
  • Lights- By lighting up the fountain at night, you not only give your pond a powerful, noticeable centerpiece, but you help illuminate your yard while making it easier for visitors to avoid falling in.

Techseven gives you the freedom to choose among these and a variety of other design possibilities, selecting the look that suits you best. For more information on pond fountains and other landscape features, contact us today.