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Protecting Your Home Or Business From Michigan's Brutal Winters

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Michigan is famous for its frigid winters, and Shelby Township is no exception. With an average of 42 inches of snow per season, our region can be impossible to navigate during the winter. As an exterior enhancement company with a long history in Southeast Michigan, we know exactly what challenges the winter brings!

For years, Techseven Company has been providing quality snow removal services throughout the greater Shelby Township, MI areas. We're a licensed, insured, and independently owned and operated company. While we do provide excellent snow removal and salt services, we also pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. This is why we love what we do. We'll never subcontract our work as we believe that our professional team is composed of the best people to get the job done in a timely and professional manner throughout the winter.

How Snow & Ice Disrupts Your Business

Ice and snow are problems for all Michiganders. It's especially serious for business owners. When your premises are frozen or packed with snow, you have trouble:

  • Serving Customers- If your customers come directly to your business, they don't want hassles or delays. Unless you're willing to sacrifice revenue, you can't afford to leave treacherous snow unattended.
  • Employee Commutes- Snow and ice make it unsafe and inconvenient for workers to commute to work, so it stands to reason that work hours and productivity can decrease if snow piles-up.
  • Avoiding Lawsuits- Injuries may cause you to lose thousands or even millions of dollars in legal fees, injury settlements, and bad publicity.

By clearing your workplace of ice and snow, Techseven protects you from all these negative consequences - and more. You can thus keep your company open throughout the year, secure in the knowledge that all your employees and customers are safe.

Preventing Winter Threats to Your Home

Besides business owners, homeowners require snow and ice removal in order to avoid serious problems, including:

  • Turf Damage- Ice can cause the grass in your lawn to break and tear, while snow gives mold the opportunity to grow. Comprehensive snow and ice removal is essential to protect your yard from these types of threats.
  • Roof Damage- Snowfall puts excess weight on your roof, weakening tiles and threatening the structural integrity of your home. Only by removing snow as soon as it falls can you protect your family and your property from this danger.
  • Gutter Damage- When ice melts and refreezes on your gutters, it eventually pulls them away and puts pressure on the roof. Early ice removal is essential to protect these critical sections of your building.

Techseven Company provides snow removal, ice removal, and a host of other services for your home. For more information, contact us today.