Pond Fountains & Pumps

Custom Pond Fountains in Shelby Township, MI and the Surrounding Areas

Enhance your pond and add value to your home with a new pond fountain! 

There’s nothing quite like hearing the sound of cascading water outside of your window. While not all of us can live on a lake or ocean, adding a fountain to your backyard's pond is the next best thing! At Techseven Company, we’ve been creating beautiful fountains for our clients since 2004. With premium products and the experienced know-how of aquatic equipment, we’re known across Southeast Michigan for our excellent workmanship! 

Fountains aren’t just a beautiful addition to your pond, they’re also functional! 

When you have a pond, it houses plants, algae and perhaps fish. If left untreated, it can quickly become murky and full of muck. Pond fountains aerate your pond, keeping it from going stagnant. They promote a healthy aquatic environment, consistently circulating the water and pumping oxygen into the pond. Our pond pumps range from ½ to 15 horsepower, giving you as little or as much circulation as needed. We have installed fountains and pumps in small ponds as well as large ones, both with ease! 

The Benefits of Having a Pond or Lake Fountain

Most people think of fountains as decorative pieces, adding beauty to your pond or lake without having any material effect on it. The benefits of pond fountains extend far beyond the aesthetic to include:

  • Cleaner Water- By filtering the pond, fountains stop the growth of algae and improve the overall water quality. [This is ideal if you have fish living in the pond; the better the filter, the easier it will be to keep those fish alive and healthy. |Even if you don’t have fish, filtering out the algae makes your pond clean and clear, adding beauty and sophistication to your yard.]
  • Less Odor- By getting rid of algae, pond fountains improve not just the appearance of your pond, but also the smell. This is no small matter if you or your loved ones have respiratory issues.
  • Fewer Pests & Diseases- [If you don’t filter your pond, it’ll be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially during Michigan’s summers. |A fountain gets rid of these pests and the diseases they carry.]

Pond Fountain & Pump Installation and Maintenance: Shelby Township, MI | Techseven - pond-fountain-and-pump-installation-and-maintenanceWe easily transform simple ponds into backyard statement pieces!

At Techseven Company, we believe in keeping our business honest and transparent. As a result, you can expect nothing but professionalism when you choose to work with us! We start out each job with a conversation with our clients to learn more about the project’s end goal. From there, we provide an estimate that details all of the foreseen costs and timeframes that we will be sticking to. After that, we transform your pond to an elegant fountain! 


Popular Styles of Pond Fountains

You have many options to customize your fountains for beauty and sophistication. You can experiment with:

  • Stream Patterns - Our fountains allow you to break the water into any number of streams. From sending water in virtually every direction to dividing it into a handful of powerful streams, this gives you enormous leeway over the overall appearance.
  • Spray Height - Besides the number of streams, we let you choose how high those streams go before they fall back to earth. The higher the stream, the more sound it makes when it hits the surface and the more easily the fountain will make an impression.
  • Lights - By lighting up the fountain at night, you not only give your pond a powerful, noticeable centerpiece, but you help illuminate your yard while making it easier for visitors to avoid falling in. We offer pond lights in yellow, green, blue, and red. Because our bulbs are LEDs, you can light up the water with minimal impact on the environment or your electric bill.

When you select Techseven Company to install your new pond fountain, expect excellence.

Our team shares a passion for taking outdoor living to the next level. With over 20 years of professional experience, we love what we do! We are known across Southeast Michigan for our pond fountain and pump installations, primarily because we adhere to our strict quality standards. When you choose us as your pond contractor, rest assured that you’re in good hands! 

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