Snow Removal Services

Shelby Township, MI’s Preferred Snow Removal Company

Snow Removal Services: Shelby Township, MI | Techseven - snow-removal-outside-viewAt Techseven Company, we know that a heavy snowfall can cost your company money if your customers can’t access your building.

We’re all too familiar with Michigan’s unpredictable winter weather conditions; one minute it’s sunny and the next we’re expecting inches of snow! With this being said, it’s important to have a plan when Southeast Michigan is expecting an influx of snow. At Techseven Company, we work with many commercial buildings in your area to not only clear away snow and ice, but to make your building accessible year round. 

When the snow starts to fall, you need a dependable snow contractor on your side.

As the saying goes, “time is money!” The longer your business’s parking lot, walkways and driveways are covered with snow, the less revenue you’ll make. At Techseven Company, we have the experience and state-of-the-art snow and ice removal equipment needed to quickly get your business accessible again. We not only are readily available when the snow starts to fall, but we also take the time to track incoming snowstorms to create a plan before you need us! We are committed to the success of our clients’ businesses and ensure that the snow doesn’t interfere with that.

Snow Removal Services: Shelby Township, MI | Techseven - snow-removal-servicesWhy rely on Techseven Company to keep your business afloat during the next snow season? 

For over 20 years, companies have come to us expecting nothing less than the best in snow and ice removal. We highly value our clients’ trust in us and are committed to providing the most exceptional level of service available. Choosing the incorrect snow removal contractor can mean snow and ice getting in the way of customers accessing your building. The team at Techseven Company works with our clients to plan out the most effective ways to manage snow before it falls. No matter if your commercial property has a few inches of snow or a foot, our team quickly is able to get to work ensuring that your business remains open and available to your customers. We keep an open line of communication with our customers, our prices are affordable and we ensure your customers aren’t snowed out – what’s better than that?

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