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Shelby Township, MI’s #1 Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Contractors

Landscaping & Sprinkler Contractor: Shelby Township, MI | Techseven - image-content-sprinklerAt Techseven Company, we’ve been taking the hassle out of your landscape's irrigation, lighting and more for over 20 years.

We know how difficult it is to manage every aspect of your business or home’s landscape. Irrigation systems, lighting and snow removal are very complex operations that warrant a true professional! Based in Shelby Township and serving the surrounding areas, Techseven Company makes beautiful, and functional, landscapes year round.


Every drop of water counts.

Our irrigation systems are custom designed for 100% coverage. As our population grows and our sources of water dwindle, simple math demonstrates that there will be less of the wet stuff to go around for each of us. Never before has water conservation seemed so important! Fortunately, Techseven Company has products that create a more efficient sprinkler system. In fact, no other manufacturer offers such a wide array of water-saving components that cover all aspects of irrigation! They strive to make all of their irrigation products as 'water-wise' as possible to achieve ultimate conservation efforts. Preserving our precious natural resources is not just a noble thing to do - it's an essential part of our everyday lives (as well as our ecosystem’s)!

To illuminate your lifestyle, take a professional approach.

The architecture of your home and its surrounding landscape should be admired and enjoyed by all – day or night! At Techseven Company, we leave no stone unturned when creating a custom lighting solution for your landscape. Our lighting services allow your favorite features of your business or home to be accented, bringing the architecture and landscape together for a luxurious appeal. Other than aesthetics, landscape lighting is truly functional in every way. It allows more time for outdoor enjoyment, keeps your guests safe from hazards, such as stairs - and provides security knowing that you can see any possible intruders on your property.

At Techseven Company, we know that your landscape not only brings your property to life, it brings life to your property. Contact us today or give us a call at (586) 323-6799 to request an estimate and we’ll show you what we can do for your landscape!

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