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As a homeowner who enjoys planting and gardening, few decisions have a greater impact than how you water your yard. Your choice will affect not just how healthy and lush your plants are, but also your water bill, your home's environmental impact, and the amount of free time you have. Techseven Company makes the best of all these factors. With our help, you can save water and preserve the environment while giving your plants the resources that they need to thrive.

The Advantages of Sprinkler Systems Over Hand Watering Your Lawn

Many homeowners continue to rely on hand watering for their lawns. While this works for limited amounts of turf with simple watering needs, it creates problems when you have a large lawn or plant grass with more complex needs. In these cases, you need a sprinkler system to:

  • Save Time- Sprinkler systems save you hours each week compared to hand watering, allowing you to focus on other gardening tasks.
  • Save Water- But with properly-positioned sprinkler systems, most of your water will benefit your plants directly.
  • Apply Evenly- No matter how experienced you are with hand watering, you're likely to irrigate your plants unevenly. Sprinklers spread water equally to all the turf in their range.

When to Use Drip Irrigation

These systems distribute water through drip tape, which does not let water out until pressure is uniform throughout the system; this ensures that water flows at the same rate everywhere. Drip irrigation systems are valuable for a wide range of different lawns, but you are especially likely to benefit from them if you have had a problem with weeds. Combined with their benefits for the environment and your water bill, this makes drip irrigation systems a responsible and affordable choice.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance & Proper Winterization

The more you invest in sprinkler maintenance now, the less you'll have to spend on sprinkler repair services down the road. We also winterize sprinkler system equipment, which prevents it from bursting due to hydro-expansion during Michigan's famously cold winters. Techseven is committed to keeping your sprinkler system and warranty intact while saving you as much money as possible.

Spring Start-up:

We will do the following for your system:

  • Reseal all drain valves and plugs
  • Open shut-off valves and slowly fill the main line
  • Check the entire main line for leaks and damage
  • Check each individual zone and adjust heads as needed for proper operation and coverage
  • Change and adjust the automatic rain sensor for proper operation
  • Re-set the control timer for required settings for the Spring season

Techseven Company offers the specific services you need to keep your lawn green and lush. For more information on selecting, installing, maintaining, and repairing your sprinkler system, contact us today.