Sprinkler System Installation

Shelby Township, MI’s Sprinkler System Installation Contractor of Choice

Sprinkler Installation & Service: Metro Detroit | Techseven - sprinkler-installation-clean-front-lawnAt Techseven Company, we know that your business or home’s landscape is of great importance to you.

After all, it’s the first thing that people see when they pass your office building or home! With that being said, give your lawn and landscape the attention that they deserve! Techseven Company is passionate about installing sprinkler systems that give your lawn the perfect amount of water in the optimal areas.

We know that no two landscapes are alike, so we design customized irrigation systems that allow for precision when watering your lawn’s specific shape. We’re Southeast Michigan’s leading provider for customized sprinkler systems and have been since we opened shop in 2004. With a commitment to quality and customer service, let us give your home or business the lawn it deserves by installing the perfect sprinkler system! 

Sprinkler Installation & Service: Metro Detroit | Techseven - sprinkler_installation_and_serviceGetting the perfect sprinkler system installed is simple with Techseven Company’s comprehensive approach.

Our team believes in honesty and transparency when beginning a project. Each job starts with an estimate, where we have a conversation about the goals of your sprinkler system. We take into account the size of your yard, any areas with extra vegetation and other contributing factors to map out the perfect system. From there, our experienced team gets to work on the installation, ensuring that every inch of your lawn is able to be watered by your new irrigation system. We use the best products available, ensuring longevity in your sprinkler system. The end result is a high-quality installation that will keep your lawn thriving for years to come! We take great pride in our sprinkler installations, and we know that you’ll enjoy your lawn’s newfound health! 

Why choose Techseven Company as your commercial or residential sprinkler contractor?

Since 2004, we have been designing and installing customized sprinkler systems for businesses and homes throughout Southeast Michigan. We’re your one-stop shop for all things irrigation, including installations, repairs and maintenance! We use water-conserving products that are built to last and are expertly installed by our experienced technicians. Our pricing is competitive and we even have special offers to save you money on your sprinkler installations. Simply put, we’re friendly and committed to making your landscape the best that it can be!  

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